29 Signs You’re Stuck In The ’90s

Grab your Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards.

1. You refuse to throw out your Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards, in hopes of selling them for millions.

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2. You still wish that working on computers was as cool as it was in Hackers.

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3. Getting slimed is still on your bucket list.

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4. You haven’t grown out of your boy band phase.

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And you don’t have to, because New Kids on the Block just celebrated their 30th anniversary, and they’ve still got the right stuff (ohh, ohh).

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5. You base the success of your relationships on Cory and Topanga’s.

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6. When people say TGIF, you wish they weren’t talking about the restaurant.

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7. You definitely still have too much denim in your wardrobe because you’re holding out hope that it’ll make a comeback.

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8. You silently squeal when someone mentions those three glorious first names: Jonathan, Taylor, and Thomas.

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9. You’re disappointed when you wake up early on Saturday mornings and don’t find your favorite cartoons.

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10. Thinking about Y2K still freaks you out.

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11. Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris are still your dream couple.

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12. You secretly want a friend to climb into your room via a ladder.

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Thanks for the unrealistic expectations, Clarissa.

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13. You refuse to believe that TLC’s “Waterfalls” is older than this year’s graduating class.

But it is. Sorry.

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14. Your major life decisions are based on pinky swears and games of rock, paper, scissors.

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15. You’re still mad at your parents for never sending you to Camp Anawanna.

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16. You’re still mad that your Tamagotchi, Nano Baby, and Gigapets died.

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17. You still haven’t thrown out your VHS tapes.

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18. You’ve never given up hope that Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio will one day get married.

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19. You refuse to believe that some of the Spice Girls are in their forties.

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20. No horror movie has ever scared you more than Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society.

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21. And the same goes for each episode of Goosebumps too.

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22. You secretly think Mary Kate and Ashley are one person.

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23. You wish your future was as easy to plan as a game of MASH.

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24. A piece of your soul died when “the blob” was stabbed to death in Heavyweights.

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25. You still know all the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

Even though that song is older than the kids who just graduated from college.

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26. Part of you wishes you were involved in a chemical spill, in hopes of receiving magical powers.

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27. You want it to be socially acceptable to ride around town on Rollerblades.

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28. You still have nightmares because of Furbys.

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29. And, above all, you still turn to Mr. Feeny for advice.

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