26 Side Effects Of Having A Type-A Personality

Add this to your endless to-do list.

1. Making to-do lists calms you down.

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2. You have alarms and schedules for everything.

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3. You hate when people are late.

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4. Almost as much as when they make you late.

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5. You basically lived at the library during college.

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6. And wished they had beds for your constant all-nighters.

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7. You turn everything into a competition.

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8. Which means game night with friends isn’t recreation for you. It’s war.

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9. There was a clear difference between you and everyone else in gym class.

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10. You always say “yes” and take on more work, no matter how full your plate already is.

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11. You finish people’s sentences out of impatience.

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12. You’re great at multitasking.

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13. Running for student council wasn’t optional, it was your moral duty.

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14. When you’re having a bad day, you mess around with the formatting of your résumé to feel better.

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(And you hate yourself for it.)

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15. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, you’ll stay up until all your work is done.

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16. Your childhood heroes were Stuart Minkus and Lisa Simpson.

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17. Your work area is always spotless.

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18. People always say, “You look stressed.”

No, really?

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19. You work seven days a week, even if you only get paid for five.

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Work comes first. And second and third.

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20. If you actually go out, you bring work with you.

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21. You haven’t relaxed in about three years.

Or, you know, 20.

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22. You get frustrated if one of your friends posts about a breaking news story before you.

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23. Highlighters and study guides were your best friends in school.

And you took pride in every single study guide you made. Admit it.

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24. Having unanswered emails gives you anxiety.

Which is a problem, because you’ve signed up for a million mailing lists.

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25. And group projects were your worst nightmare.

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But you wouldn’t change this way of life for anything.

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26. Cause type-A people get shit done.

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