24 Fun Facts About The Movie "Ghostbusters"

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1. Both Chevy Chase and Michael Keaton turned down the role of Dr. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray’s character).

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2. Eddie Murphy and John Candy both turned down main roles.


Eddie Murphy starred in Beverly Hills Cop the same year Ghostbusters was released.

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3. Bill Murray’s role was originally written for John Belushi, but he died while the script was being written.

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4. On set, Dan Aykroyd referred to Slimer as the ghost of John Belushi.

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5. Dan Aykroyd’s script originally took place in the future, but Harold Ramis rewrote it to take place in modern times.

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As a result, the production budget was cut from a projected $300 million (according to director Ivan Reitman) to just over $30 million.

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6. The original trailer featured a 1-800 number, not a 555 number, which led to a prerecording of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

They got 1,000 calls per hour, 24 hours a day, for six weeks.

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7. The Ghostbusters’ firehouse headquarters was remodeled as the mechanic shop in The Mask.

It’s located at 14 N. Moore St., Manhattan, New York.

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8. The marshmallow goo that explodes onto William Atherton is actually 50 pounds of shaving cream.

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9. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man suits cost $20,000 each.

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Three were made and all were destroyed during filming.

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10. Ray Parker Jr.’s theme song for the film was a No. 1 hit for three weeks.

Huey Lewis later sued Ray Parker Jr. for plagiarism, due to similarities between the Ghostbusters theme song and Lewis’ “I Want a New Drug.”

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11. The jail scene was filmed in a real prison, and Dan Aykroyd was convinced the building was haunted.

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12. Bill Murray only agreed to star in Ghostbusters because they offered to remake The Razor’s Edge with him as the star.

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13. The party scene with Rick Moranis and his guests is almost entirely improvised.

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14. Ghostbusters was the highest-grossing comedy of all time, until the release of Home Alone.

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It made $240 million domestically in 1984, which is equal to about $580 million when adjusted for inflation.

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15. The term “proton pack” was never actually used until the middle of Ghostbusters II.

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In the sequel, Spengler said “before we go any further I think we should get our proton packs.”

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16. The guns for the proton packs were originally wands.

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The wands were changed to laser guns to make it more believable that the Ghostbusters created their gear from practical equipment.

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17. The film was originally titled Ghost Smashers.

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But director Ivan Reitman called it “the telephone book” because of how long the first draft was.

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18. Ghostbusters was Larry King’s film debut.

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19. Ron Jeremy was an extra in the film and later starred in a porn parody entitled This Ain’t Ghosbusters XXX.

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20. The cast and crew referred to Slimer as “Onion Head” because of how bad the prop smelled.

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21. To show its massive size, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was originally supposed to come out of the water next to The Statue of Liberty.

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But the scene was too difficult to shoot, so they scrapped the idea.

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22. There was a second version of the Librarian Puppet, but it was rejected because it “looked too disgusting.”

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It was later used in Fright Night, which was released one year after Ghostbusters.

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23. The demonic voice of Dana/Zuul was performed by director Ivan Reitman.

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24. And most of Bill Murray’s lines were ad-libs.

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All facts come from IMDB.

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