22 Images That Will Ruin Your Childhood

This is why context is important, kiddies.

1. That time Angelica had a little too much fun.

ID: 1361871

2. That time Lickitung put his name to good use.

ID: 1361910

3. That time you first learned about interbreeding.

ID: 1362122

4. That second time you learned about interbreeding.

ID: 1361901

5. That time D.W. was scarred for life.

ID: 1362016

6. That time Walt Disney rolled over in his grave.

ID: 1367812

7. That time Crimson Chin had a second crimson body part.

ID: 1361923

8. That time anime made you feel really uncomfortable.

ID: 1367320

9. That time you realized ghosts don’t wear pants.

ID: 1361956

10. That time you knew Tommy and Chuckie were more than friends.

ID: 1361854

11. That time you reconsidered your own limits.

ID: 1362027

12. That time you learned a new slang word.

ID: 1367474

13. That time you had your first sex talk.

ID: 1367112

14. That time Rugrats gave zero fucks.

ID: 1361866

15. That time you caught them all. And a few STDs.

ID: 1362126

16. That time Arthur was glad he wore glasses.

ID: 1362179

17. That time Dragon Ball Z became Dragon Ball XXX.

ID: 1367258

18. That time you realized pee isn’t white.

ID: 1367893

19. That time Dexter studied a different kind of chemistry.

ID: 1367589

20. That time you almost threw up.

ID: 1367516

21. That time you learned how dinosaurs have sex.

ID: 1367361

22. And that time your hero gave you the middle finger.

ID: 1367418

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