Hmmmmmmm. I know this is meant to be snarky and…

Hmmmmmmm. I know this is meant to be snarky and smug and seem impossibly clever… but if we’re allowed to actually try give an answer to that I would say this: If the map was drawn within an obvious political context by a Muslim pundit who is heavily associated with a political party… If the pundit had no apparent ties to the shooter and the shooter had a history of mental problems and his own motives… then… nothing would happen to the Muslim. If it were some redneck in Arkansas who had a map of politicians with crosshairs over them on the internet and it was in an obviously malicious context he might possibly be brought in for questioning if the FBI suspected he might be involved. The same would go for a Muslim. I’m not standing up for Sarah Palin. I dislike that woman immensely, but I won’t tolerate bloviating propagandists trying to make political hay out of a terrible unforseen tragedy. Not from Fox News, and not from Michael Moore.

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