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    • Soymylk

      I live in Seoul, South Korea, which is often regarded as being one of the safest cities in the world. One night when walking home from a Korean class wearing a long, cleavage-concealing dress, a man in his 50s wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase approached me. We were next to a busy road filled with cars and on the other side there was a busy construction site. He started talking to me, at first asking where I was from. I really had no interest in talking to a strange man in the middle of the night so I shut him down and walked a little faster. He caught up and asked me ‘how much?’. I was sure I misheard him, but he repeated ‘I want to have sex with you. How much?’ At this point I was terrified. I firmly said ‘no’ and walked as fast as I could. For some reason in Korea many men believe that foreign women are ‘easy’ and in extreme cases, prostitutes, just because. As I walked off as fast as I could, believing that would be enough, I heard running behind me. The man grabbed me from behind, wrapping his arms round my body and grabbing each breast, trying to drag me away. I have no idea where he thought he was going to take me in such a public place, but I guess if you’re stupid enough to attempt to rape someone logic isn’t your strong point anyway. At that point I guess all of my adrenaline kicked in as I wrestled him off me, and then for some stupid reason, decided to actually chase him, yelling and screaming. I figured if I chased him then someone might help and he would be less likely to follow me again. Fortunately, it worked. The worst parts were that in fact, nobody did try to help. They saw, but they didn’t help. And also the part where he apologised to me as he was running away, as if that waa supposed to negate his actions. Another thing that bothered me was that after the incident I felt lucky that it wasn’t worse. I wasn’t lucky. It could have been much worse, but it also shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It shouldn’t happen to anybody, and people shouldn’t think it’s okay.