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South Park
  • 20 Awesome South Park Tattoos

    Do you consider yourself a die-hard South Park fan? Sure, plenty of fans have inked Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny on their bodies to display their undying love for the show. So in honor of the return of South Park on October 5th at 10/9c on Comedy Central, we are celebrating the Year of The Fan with the tattoos that truly reign supreme. View List ›

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  • The Definitive List Of Cartman-isms

    Cartman is profane, mean, spoiled, and selfish, but that’s exactly why we love him as much as we do! Affectionately referred to as “Cartman-isms,” this “now” iconic character has had his fair share of famous lines throughout South Park’s many seasons. Check out the best of Cartman, and make sure you tune in when South Park returns to Comedy Central on October 5th at 10/9c. View List ›

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