"Are you ready to take a chance, risk it all? It's do or die fight or flight, do you wana feel alive?!."
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  • Rockstar Mayhem Fest Atlanta 2014

    The Side-stage Devastation from the Atlanta stop of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. Mushroomhead, Islander, Wretched, Emmure, Miss May I, Ill Nino, Upon A Burning Body. Thanks to Zuus Media for having me out to shoot, and a special thanks to all the bands who played it up for the camera for me.

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  • BRAZ3N AM Stoppie School

    500 or bust!! This years AM Stoppie School Was the best yet. Riders from all over the South East Converged on Atlanta to get that ever prestigious AM 500 Club Sticker. Class was in session as Rodney Sargent and Jesse Toler hit the lot to assist the class in hitting that 500ft mark. Mr. Twite joined in on the instruction and the fun…but unfortunately…FAAAAILED..AGA­IN! ;-) Everyone was at the lot both days laying it down and some showing the durability of their machines. Until next year kiddos!.

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  • Proximo A young spirited fighter from Mexico is working his way up the ranks in the SouthEast’s muay thai community. Most never hear about the up and coming, the undercard, los siguientes luchadores

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  • STEADFAST Trailer, MMA Feature Video

    Collegiate wrestler, Ground and Pound Expert, The American Dream Embodied, The Souths New Hope for GLORY!. The future of MMA is here, George Hickman is on a STEADFAST path to the front of the pack. December 2013 STEADFAST.

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  • BRAZ3N: Bombshell Nikki

    A behind the scenes look at our November photo shoot with the Vivacious Nikki in and around Atlanta. It was a brisk day around town, with lots of shady back ally antics and some sexy good times!!.. Enjoy.

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  • BRAZ3N: the RETURN

    Southeast’s Muay Thai hard-hitting clinch technician Anthony Neives had a difficult start to his 2011 fight season. With many fights early in the year falling through at the last minute and a few minor personal setbacks, Nieves seemed unable to keep moving forward. With the announcement of a much anticipated rematch set for mid-October, Nieves decided to clean house. Clearing his mind of all distractions and stepping up his training camp, Anthony had never been more ready. This is his story: the RETURN.

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