You Know You’re A Die Hard Saved By The Bell Fan When…

Preppy, Screech, Bubba, Mama, Lisa, and Kelly - Gangs all here!

1. The bus didn’t come until 8 but you were dressed by 7 because

ID: 1476214

2. You could always count on Lisa to say something witty…

ID: 1476218

3. You were never really sure why these 3 were best friends…

opposites attract?

ID: 1476220

4. You knew Zack was always up to no good on his giant phone…

Like when he invested in a potato company. Or ordered class rings that were fake.

ID: 1476235

5. You found out Zack has really nice arms from Screech’s Party episode…

ID: 1476239

6. You knew Zack’s plot probably wouldn’t work after he gave this wink…

ID: 1476242

I always liked that shirt on him.

ID: 1476250

9. You saw right through AC Slater’s tough side…

ID: 1476253

10. You were so mad at Jesse when she started taking pills for this dance…

ID: 1476261

11. You tried to hug Screech through the TV during this episode…

Also, calm down with the layers, Zach.

ID: 1476270

12. You always thought AC could do better than Jessie because hello, height?

ID: 1476285

13. You never knew a class clown quite like Zack Morris

ID: 1476289

14. You found out what true love is from Zack and Kelly …


ID: 1476297

15. You could always count on AC to show up in some super short shorts…

whoaaa der.

ID: 1476299

16. You always wondered why you weren’t as close with your teacher as Miss. Bliss and the gang were

Remember when Zack interrupted her date and ate pie in her kitchen? I think that’s against the law.

ID: 1476306

17. You always got a little nervous Slater would steal Kelly from Zack because Zack could be such a jerk sometimes

ID: 1476312

18. Only you knew Lisa was being genuine would she would call Screech a “dork”

ID: 1476318

19. You have one of these…

or you’re about to order one right now.

ID: 1476321

20. When you look at this picture you can hear Mr. Belding’s laugh


ID: 1476325

21. You missed the gang being in high school…

ID: 1476333

22. You know there’s no other place for Slater to sit other than a backwards chair at the head of the table at The Max…

ID: 1476336

23. You could count on this guy to bring the gang milkshakes…

ID: 1476341

24. You weren’t quite sure how to feel about Zack pursuing Tori Scott…

ID: 1476347

25. You had this as your ringtone at some point..


ID: 1476352

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