16 Reasons You Want Michael Scott To Be Your Boss

“Now you may look around and see two groups here: white collar, blue collar. But I don’t see it that way, and you know why not? Because I am collar-blind.”

1. 1. He makes hardcore music videos in the warehouse of the office building

ID: 1584213

2. 2. He basically has no idea what workplace code of conduct means

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6. 3. He knows how to throw an office party, or at least put that right people on the party planning committee

ID: 1584226

9. 4. He’s no stranger to a slow day at the office

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10. 5. Office humor is his middle name

ID: 1584233

11. 6. But that face tho…

ID: 1584235

14. 7. You never have to worry about sounding dumb around him

ID: 1584243

16. 8. He Keeps It Real

ID: 1584247

17. 9. Just incase you don’t know what’s going on he’s there to clear it up

ID: 1584248

18. 10. He protects you from the harsh business realities

ID: 1584249

19. 11. He’s got the office lingo down pat

ID: 1584251

20. 12. He provides educational videos that are extremely relevant to your work

ID: 1584257

21. 13. MS hates people who bring down the office morale

ID: 1584259

22. 14. Nails it EVERY time with the sayings

ID: 1584261

28. 15. Loves dem casual Friday’s

ID: 1584268

32. 16. But most importantly … He’s Beyonce, so duh

ID: 1584274

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