15 Ways Trolling Is An Art

Trolling isn’t just an action —it’s an art form. Take a look at some of the most infamous types of trolling, and if you’ve been trolled by the notorious Sour Patch Kids, you can finally get your revenge right here.

1. The art of pet trolling

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2. Online Video Chatrooms

ID: 444357

3. The art of shovel trolling

ID: 437465

4. The art of dinner party trolling

If you’ve been trolled, get your revenge here!

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5. The art of pool trolling

ID: 437535

6. The art of muscles trolling

ID: 437537

7. The art of pants trolling

ID: 437423

8. The art of ping pong trolling

ID: 442705

9. The art of Justin Bieber fan trolling

ID: 442713

10. The art of elevator trolling

ID: 443756

11. The art of food sneak trolling

ID: 444106

12. The art of fake hand trolling

ID: 442730

13. The art of wipeout trolling

ID: 442733

14. The art of sneaky dog trolling

ID: 443813

15. The art of prank trolling

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