15 Ways Trolling Is An Art

Trolling isn’t just an action —it’s an art form. Take a look at some of the most infamous types of trolling, and if you’ve been trolled by the notorious Sour Patch Kids, you can finally get your revenge right here.

2. The art of greeting card trolling

3. The art of gift trolling

4. The art of dinner party trolling

If you’ve been trolled, get your revenge here!

5. The art of Twitter trolling

7. The art of text trolling

8. The art of Yahoo! Answers trolling

9. The art of Justin Bieber fan trolling

10. The art of office trolling

11. The art of Facebook trolling

12. The art of contest trolling

13. The art of pet store trolling

14. The art of duckface trolling

15. The art of YouTube trolling

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