15 Reasons To Binge-Watch The New Season Of “House Of Cards”

Season 2 of House of Cards premieres on Valentine’s Day, so get ready to binge-watch.

1. Real presidents love the show.

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President Obama tried to get his hands on an early copy of Season 2 back in December. Former President Bill Clinton has also allegedly binge-watched the first season.


2. Sometimes it’s fun to watch things get messy. / Via Netflix

3. You’re curious who Frank will lend a hand to this season.

Netflix / Via

4. The dialogue is snappy and non-stop. / Via Netflix

5. You’ll see “real” politics in action.

Netflix / Via

6. And journalism.

Netflix / Via

7. And the most glorious of Underwood’s schemes.

8. And Frank’s valuable life lessons. / Via Netflix

9. It’s a pioneer of original online-only TV that’s already won three Emmys.


10. And it’s already been renewed for a third season.

11. Robin Wright is brilliant in it. / Via Paramount Pictures

12. KEVIN SPACEY. / Via DreamWorks Pictures

13. Dat monologue.

Netflix / Via

14. Let’s face it, you don’t have anything better to do. / Via Netflix

15. Here’s the trailer to keep you satiated until Feb. 14.

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