The 11 Most Important Moments Of Your Freshman Year

Nothing can really prepare you for the sweet sweet highs and lows of freshman year. Prepare as best you can with a new Sony Vaio.

1. After you give into temptation at the library for the first time

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2. Realizing you can eat waffles for EVERY meal

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3. Meeting your best friends for life (or at least the next hour) during orientation

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4. Winning your first game of flip-cup

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5. Getting your first student ID and feeling totally fly about your pic

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6. When you complete your last paper for finals and it is 5am

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7. Going to a toga party… and then realizing you never have to go again

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8. Saving all your laundry to do at home over fall break

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9. Big sports thing happens

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10. Getting those extra long twin sheets and posters JUST RIGHT

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11. Realizing you have to declare a major

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Another important moment is when you realize you don’t have to carry all your books to class anymore.

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