16 Small Things That Cause A Big Panic

Because it’s the little things in life that torment us most. posted on

1. When you see a mouse in your house.

2. When you feel a spider crawling on your skin.

3. When you hear a bee buzzing nearby.

4. When you feel the need to pass gas in public.

5. When you spot a hair in your sandwich.

6. When you cannot see because you lost your contact.

7. When you feel a raindrop on your finger.

8. When you hear a baby crying…

9. …or the smoke detector beeping.

10. When you find that you have been unfriended on facebook.

11. When you spot a typo after hitting send.

12. When you feel for your keys but cannot find them because they are not there.

13. When you hear an unexpected knock at the door.

14. When you see the nurse prep a needle.

15. And lastly when you notice a new pimple…

16. …that may be more than just a pimple

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