12 Signs It’s Spring Even Though It’s Still Freezing Out

In honor of that awkward transition period between winter and spring.

1. Spring break is in full swing…

ID: 2656470

…all across the country.

ID: 2656429

2. You start getting serious about your beach bod.

ID: 2657155

3. You contemplate spring cleaning…

ID: 2656488

…but opt for a perfectly chilled bottle of wine instead.

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4. Large crowds brave the cold for free water ice.

ID: 2656483
Andrew Vincent / Via Facebook: andrew.vincent91
ID: 2657092

Worth it.

ID: 2657067

5. The girls at school start showing some skin.

Still a bit nipply out, don’t you think?

ID: 2657114

6. And don’t forget about the boys…

Grayson Barber / Via youtube.com
ID: 2658860
ID: 2658829

7. Colorful flowers start to pop up through the snow.


ID: 2658646

8. Colorful people too…

Bauer-Griffin / Via thedailybeast.com

Not so beautiful.

ID: 2656492

9. The remaining snowmen say their final goodbyes.

ID: 2656548

10. Suddenly you want to do more things outside.

Robert Brockway / Via Twitter: @Brockway_LLC
ID: 2658742

11. Love is in the air.

ID: 2659479

12. Oh and this happens…


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