21 Rubber Ducks In Unexpected Situations

Don’t you dare try to limit a rubber duck to the confines of your bath tub. It WILL go rogue.

This giant, recently-deflated duck led a bold and fabulous life traveling the world as an art installation. But he’s not the only rubber duck living on the edge.

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1. Rubber ducks actually party hard.


ID: 1179536

2. Just look at them waiting to get into the club:

ID: 1179582

3. Hi, you’re looking at the star of every holiday party.

ID: 1179541

4. Rubber ducks have really cool friends, like this dog who invited them to hang out in his living room:

ID: 1179550

5. And this cat who makes sure to schedule plenty of snuggle dates with his bestie.

ID: 1179593

6. Or this puppy who has a super close relationship with her pal:

ID: 1179576

7. Some rubber ducks are into non-traditional bath tub situations:

ID: 1179561


ID: 1179569

10. And some rubber ducks prefer to venture out on their own.

ID: 1179549

11. They take excellent selfies.

ID: 1179563

12. This rubber duck doesn’t need friends because it’s SURROUNDED BY CHEESE WEDGES:

ID: 1179594

13. There’s nothing odd about a rubber duck sitting on a miniature bench in autumn whilst gazing upon fallen leaves. Move along.

ID: 1179591

14. And there is nothing more awesome than being a rubber duck and hanging out in a TARDIS mug.

ID: 1179574

15. This duck is spending its early 20s traveling the world:

ID: 1179565

16. While these ducks spend their time bedazzling a car:

ID: 1179559

17. Some ducks are into being extreme.

ID: 1179608

18. They have a bit of a wild side…

ID: 1179598

19. …which occasionally includes cameos on ear gauges:

ID: 1179601

20. Expeditions to unfamiliar places…

ID: 1179568

21. …and treks through the mean streets.

ID: 1179597

Rubber ducks aren’t as innocent as you think. Just remember this:

ID: 1179609

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