10 Times A Cardboard Cutout Of Harry Styles Did Stuff

Harry Styles’ cardboard self now has his own Tumblr (just like Snape’s) where he does everyday activities.

1. Harry plays a damsel in distress

ID: 1495332

2. Harry dabbles in modeling

ID: 1495340

3. Harry of the Corn

ID: 1495344

4. Harry goes swimming

ID: 1495348

5. How Harry beat Shaq

ID: 1495350

6. Harry helps out with lawn care

ID: 1495355

7. Harry reads 50 Shades of Grey

ID: 1495359

8. Harry does casual Friday

ID: 1495360

9. Harry wins big at the amusement park

ID: 1495365

10. Harry waits for his cookies to be ready

ID: 1495369

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