A Single Girl’s Guide To New Year’s Eve

As told through a Cinderella-style story. Maybe you can find your Prince Charming this New Year’s Eve!

1. You Receive An Invitation To A Party.

2. You Want To Look Smoking Hot!

3. And Have People Say Things Like This.

4. But You Know You’ll Probably End Up Walking In Like This!

5. Your Friend Tells You She’s Not Going.

6. You Think Of Staying Home Yourself!

7. Your Other Friends Try To Change Your Mind.

8. You Arrive And Try To Act Cool!

9. Turns Out The Party Is Dead!

10. You Start Drinking.

11. You Signal To Your Friends That You’ve Found One!

12. You Dance Trying To Get His Attention!

13. A Couple Of Guys Ask You To Dance.

14. You Think To Yourself:

15. You Just Can’t Get His Attention!

16. So You Set Your Sights On Someone Else!

17. They Ask You To Dance!!!

18. His Girlfriend Walks Up And Talks To You And Says:

19. You Get Really Upset!

20. Everyone Around You Has Someone! #ForeverAlone

21. All Of A Sudden Your Crush Walks In.

22. You Finally Stop Crying!

23. Your Drunk Friend Starts Flirting With Him!

24. You Want To Smack Her Out!

25. Fight Averted! He Sets Her Straight!

26. He Starts Talking To You And You Feel FABULOUS!

27. You Have A Deep Conversation.

28. And You Totally Get Each Other!

29. Your Drunk Guy Friend Is Feeling Down And Interrupts.

30. You Give Him The Best Advice!

31. Your Crush, Impressed, Takes Notice!

33. Midnight Is Here In 3…2…1…

34. You Start To Feel Sick!

35. All Of A Sudden You Start Throwing Up!

36. Absolutely Embarrassed, You Decide To Go Home!

37. Your Friend Comes To The Rescue With:

38. Movies Never Seem To Have This Problem!

39. But Then He Gives You His Number!

40. You Walk Out Of The Party Like A Boss!

41. Because After All:

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