14 Thoughts When Invited To A Bridal Shower While Single

Get ready to feel “something blue.”

1. How on earth did they get this invitation into this envelope?

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2. How many of my friends are getting married? SERIOUSLY!

ID: 2796169

3. Ugh, the most annoying people will be there!

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4. This is how much money they think I have.

ID: 2796207

5. How much I actually have!

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6. There’s a Hello Kitty theme?

ID: 2796272

7. You have to play games?

ID: 2796281

8. Someone gave a bigger present than you!

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ID: 2796286

9. Do we clap after every gift?

ID: 2801839

10. Great, all the bridal party are on a diet.

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11. I don’t care about small talk, I just care about the food.

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12. If one more person says “Don’t worry, your time will come!” I’m going to scream.

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13. The bride isn’t going to talk to half these people after she’s married.

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14. Who cares? I made it through without crying or vomiting! Score!

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