A Guy Is Walking Across America

Walking. Across America. Nate Damm is walking across America! He left his life in Lewes, DE and set out for San Francisco, CA on February 26, 2011. In a little over 7 months he’s made it to the border of California and has just a few hundred miles to go. Nate is chronicling his experiences on Nate Walks America. You can also read an interview with him by Foster Huntington, who happened upon Nate while on his own pilgrimage. What an amazing adventure!

Intro Video

ID: 10933

February 26, 2011 — The First Steps

ID: 10934

May 23, 2011 — Turtle Road Crossings

ID: 10935

July 10-11, 2011 — Syracuse Kansas

ID: 10939

July 26-27, 2011 — South Fork, Colorado

ID: 10937

September 26, 2011 — Pine Grove, CA

ID: 10938

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