Awful Moments In Contact Lens-Wearing

A strong gust blows. Everyone thinks you’re crying.

1. The reaction you get from other people when you do this:

ID: 802452

5. Taking off your contacts after cooking with chilis

ID: 802040

6. Your eye makeup after the whole process

ID: 803263

7. Staying overnight at someone else’s place

ID: 800233

8. Doing this at a sleepover

ID: 801973

9. Your friend’s cat, the next morning

ID: 801477

10. Or when this happens

ID: 800263

11. And the next day everyone assumes this

ID: 800319

12. Being in dusty windy weather

ID: 800130

17. This

ID: 801503

19. On this floor

ID: 801695

20. Or here

ID: 801851

21. No big deal if you’re a literal anime IRL

Haha, no. Try groping on a dirty carpet for half an hour.

ID: 800145

22. Ugh

ID: 802553

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