Apt 8 News: The News Show About Terrible Roommates

In each episode of this comedy web series, two hostile girls put on a news show in their apartment until they scare off their one sane roommate.


Alex and Jackie introduce the show, then immediately use it to shame each other. Alex interviews Jackie’s late-night hookup, and Jackie surveys the damage of “Hurricane Messybitch.”


Jackie maps out Alex’s drunken rampage on the wall while Alex fatshames Jackie.


Alex tempts Jackie with an innocent, vulnerable chocolate cake. Jackie finds Alex’s “personal massager.”

Directed & produced by James Madejski & Kris Wellman
Shot & edited by James Madejski
Written by Kris Wellman
Assistant Director: Mike Morabito
Post-production supervisor: Bryan Honig
Camera & Sound: Matt Lewis and Dan Salgorolo
Starring: Lizzie Bassett, Chelsea Kurtz, and Sarah Purdum

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