The 25 Worst "Kitchen Nightmare" Dishes

With Chef Ramsay’s commentary, of course. Warning: do not click and eat.

1. “Salmon DiVino salad” from “Anna Vincenzo’s”

Even Chef Ramsey couldn’t fix this cold, weird mess.

ID: 1368747

2. Jasmine rice from “Bazzini”

A word of wisdom to aspiring chefs: “rice boob” is never the look.

ID: 1368757

3. “Carvery platter” from “The Priory”

Like a Thanksgiving meal from hell.

ID: 1368800

4. Naan from “The Curry Lounge”

Didn’t you know? Many authentic Indian restaurants serve their naan on coat hangers.

ID: 1368858

5. Carrot gratin from “Piccolo Teatro”

Sometimes things are so bad that you’re at a loss for words.

ID: 1368869

6. Chicken curry from “The Fish & Anchor”

Not the wisest food/plate combination.

ID: 1368886

7. Mushroom risotto from “The Olde Stone Mill”

“Hot and disgusting”: a phrase that should only be used to describe the weather.

ID: 1368902

8. “Vegetarian” appetizer sampler from “Dillon’s”

The worst part? That “dehydrated turd” wasn’t even vegetarian. It was lamb.

ID: 1368914

9. Roquefort stuffed filet of beef with “shoestring potatoes” from “The Secret Garden”

Greasy beef stuffed with greasy cheese covered in greasy “deep fat fried hair.” No thanks.

ID: 1368931

10. “Salsiccia Lugano” (Italian sausage baked in white wine) from “Lanterna”


ID: 1368938

11. Deep fried Camembert from “Moore Place”

Did someone just sneeze into the frying pan and add a garnish?

ID: 1368955

12. Beef burrito from “Fiesta Sunrise”

Does the word “diaper” refer to what the burrito looks like? Or what you’ll need after you eat one?

ID: 1368974

13. Duck cakes with chili jam from “The Glass House”

Not sure if this is better or worse than the “poodle penis.”

ID: 1368988

14. Chowder from the “Hot Potato Café”

Sometimes you want food to be “sticky”: sticky rice, sticky pudding, sticky peanut butter. But with chowder? Never.

ID: 1369010

15. Potato skins from “Giuseppe’s”

I’m starting to feel very lactose intolerant.

ID: 1369078

16. Filet mignon fondue from “Handlebar”

And now I’m feeling ill, sick, and nauseous.

ID: 1369120

17. Lobster ravioli from “Peter’s”

I can tolerate baby food OR gunk, but baby food *inside* gunk? Too much.

ID: 1369150

18. New York strip steak from “Sebastian’s”

I don’t think my dog would eat that.

ID: 1369183

19. Monte Cristo from “Casa Roma”

See what’s coming out of his hands? This sandwich is LITERALLY dripping with fat.

ID: 1369204

20. Mushroom and duck egg on toast from “Rococo”

I know I should be concerned about the word “flannel” to describe the mushrooms, but what’s really bothering me is why it’s so wet.

ID: 1369247

21. Gravlax from “Fleming”

Gravlax is salt-cured salmon — sort of the Scandinavian version of ceviche. It should definitely not taste like “fly paper.”

ID: 1369310

22. Steak kebab from “La Parra de Burriana”

And in terms of flavors, it was even worse.

ID: 1369344

23. Crema Catalana, also from “La Parra de Burriana”

Actually, a hockey puck would probably taste better.

ID: 1369365

24. Shark steak from “The Granary”

I’ve never had shark, but something tells me that it doesn’t go well with cheese.

ID: 1369370

25. “Sushi pizza” from “Sushi Ko”

Another thing that should never go with cheese: sushi.

ID: 1369380

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