8-Bit Harry Potter Shirts To Die For!

Ever wonder what the Hogwarts insignias might have looked like on the NES? Well, look no further! It is not a myth. I’ve seen it!

1. 8-Bit Hogwarts Crest

Link was probably familiar with this crest, what with his wandering around Hyrule in the presence of many the magical entity.

2. Now with slogan!

They did deep branding for Hogwarts, obviously. I believe it was a advertisium explorus charm that led them to this phrasing.

3. The Good Guys

The Quidditch team of the everyman, that every man, woman, child, muggle and wizard is rooting for.

4. The Bad Guys…except Snape.

Sometimes you root for the bad boys.

5. The Bookworms

Because nerds are sexy.

6. The Bumblers

They’re like the Cleveland Browns of the Wizarding World.

7. The Whole Spread!

Because there’s a little of each in all of us!

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