Ten Ways You Know You’re In A Sorority

Yup I’m Livin That Sorority Life

1. Crafting is Your Favorite Hobby

Everyday I’m craftin’

2. When You See Your Sister on Campus / Via http://Tumblr

that’s my sisssterrrr

3. When All You Wear In The Spring Is Lily

Prints on Prints!

4. When You See Someone Throwing What They Know and It’s WRONG

wrong arm :(

5. When Someone Makes a Joke About Your Chapter

Are you serious right now???

6. When You Find Out Who Your Big Is


7. When You Receive Your Bid

8. When You Throw What You Know In Every Picture with Your Sisters

but actually…

9. When You’ve Perfected The Sorority Squat

10. When You Know You Will Be Sisters for Life


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