Ten Ways You Know You’re In A Sorority

Yup I’m Livin That Sorority Life

1. Crafting is Your Favorite Hobby

Everyday I’m craftin’

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2. When You See Your Sister on Campus

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that’s my sisssterrrr

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3. When All You Wear In The Spring Is Lily

Prints on Prints!

ID: 1177945

4. When You See Someone Throwing What They Know and It’s WRONG

wrong arm :(

ID: 1184173

5. When Someone Makes a Joke About Your Chapter

Are you serious right now???

ID: 1184175

6. When You Find Out Who Your Big Is


ID: 1184180

7. When You Receive Your Bid

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8. When You Throw What You Know In Every Picture with Your Sisters

but actually…

ID: 1184195

9. When You’ve Perfected The Sorority Squat

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10. When You Know You Will Be Sisters for Life


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sisters always <3

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