What’s The Deal With Caterpillars?

Metamorphosis? Sounds like witchcraft to me.

2. Just checking. Caterpillars can be confusing creatures.

They are actually the larval stage of a butterfly or moth, having a segmented wormlike body with three pairs of true legs and several pairs of leglike appendages.

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3. Their journey begins as a tiny egg.

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4. From the second they enter the world, all they care about is food.

First they eat the egg, then they eat the leaf.

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5. When they finish that first leaf, they go find another.

And another, and another, and another.

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6. A caterpillar’s life is pretty much consumed by eating.

During this stage, the caterpillar can grow in size more than 30,000 times.

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7. They eat so much they end up shedding their skin 4-5 times in under two weeks.

And they look great don’t they?

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8. You could say they are pretty fashion oriented.

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9. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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10. Once they grow enough and eat to their hearts content…

quickmeme.com Caterpillar
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11. They find the perfect spot to morph into a chrysalis.


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12. To enter this stage they must create an anchor of silk.

Caterpillars also have spinnerets, or silk-producing organs, in their heads.

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13. From which they bravely hang. Fearless!

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14. The magic can then commence.

The chrysalis starts out soft and skin-like, but gradually hardens to form a protective shell. Most species of butterflies and moths spend the entire winter in this pupal state.

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15. You can guess what happens next…

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16. Chilling in the chrysalis is boring, so it’s time to bust out as a butterfly.

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The butterfly will only live for a few days, lay her eggs, and die.

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18. Some of the transformations are remarkable:

The Hickory-Horned Devil becomes a Red Walnut Moth

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Cecropia caterpillar and adult Cecropia Moth

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Pale Tussock caterpillar and adult Pale Tussock Moth.

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Peacock caterpillar and adult Peacock butterfly.

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22. The rare Puggerfly.

Just gorgeous.

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A rare doggerpillar.

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The elusive cat-a-piller.

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25. Caterpillars are so magical, everyone wants to be one.

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