What Single Girls Are Actually Thinking At Lesbian Bars

“She bought me a drink, are we dating now?”

1. On the outside: Getting ready to make your entrance.

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3. On the outside: When you catch someone checking you out.

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5. On the outside: Ordering a drink from the sexy bartender.

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7. On the outside: When you have to listen to someone vent about their recent breakup.

ID: 2815812

8. On the inside:

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9. On the outside: When that one guy makes a stupid lesbian joke.

ID: 2816510

10. On the inside:

ID: 2816514

11. Outside: When a cute girl offers to buy you a drink.

ID: 2815185

13. Outside: When you see someone hitting on your ex.

ID: 2815070

14. On the inside:

ID: 2814937

15. On the outside: When you see your ex leave with someone.

ID: 2814966

17. On the outside: When you finally find courage to flirt with someone.

ID: 2813568

19. On the outside: When you find out the girl you’re talking to is straight.

ID: 2821105

20. On the inside:

ID: 2821312

21. On the outside: When the girl you’ve been flirting with all night leaves with someone else.

ID: 2821577

22. On the inside:

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ID: 2821591

23. On the outside: When you successfully get a girl’s number.

ID: 2813572

25. On the outside: When someone says you’re so “lucky” to be single.

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