The Woes Of Having Curly Hair

Curls are fascinating to those who don’t have them and can be a constant struggle for those who do.

1. People have a special fascination with curly hair.

“Wow, look at your hair!” As if you hadn’t noticed…it’s on your head.

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2. They don’t understand how it works.

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3. They always want to TOUCH it and FEEL it.

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5. No matter how many times you warn people, they just don’t listen.

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6. Hopefully they’ll get the hint eventually.

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7. You spent your entire childhood attempting to control it…

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8. …and listening to people talk about it.

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9. But you quickly wised up to the secrets of the curly world.

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11. Hair brushes are the enemy.

(Unless your hair is soaking wet and smothered in conditioner).

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12. The other enemy: moisture in general.

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13. Extra volume isn’t something you EVER need.

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14. If it’s raining, you might as well just give up.

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15. The drying process is completely unpredictable.

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16. The phenomenon of hair shrinkage is a mystery.

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17. People don’t understand your deepest fears:

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18. You stick to the one “curl friendly” salon, to avoid looking like this.

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19. Because at most places…

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21. People often see curly hair as something to fix.

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23. Or something that can be improved upon.

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24. You suffer through commercials targeting curly hair, with non-curly hair models.

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25. It’s a constant day-to-day battle.

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26. If only you lived in the ’80s, when big hair was beautiful and life was good.

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27. Every once in a while you may fall into the trap of straight-hair envy.

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28. Princess Mia seemed happier with straight hair, right?

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29. Let’s face it, everyone wants what they can’t have.

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30. But having curly hair is totally badass.

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31. Even if the outside world can’t relate…

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32. …the important thing is, Harry Styles can.

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