The Truth About Multiples

Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets? The world has a long standing obsession with multiples.

1. Multiples come in all forms and combinations.

You can have triplets within quads, and twins within triplets. You can have a set be identical while the others are fraternal; the possibilites are endless.

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2. More often than not, they are a total surprise.

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4. In other cases, you come to expect them:

Identical twins Diane and Darlene Nettemeier married identical twin brothers Craig and Mark Sanders, and they both gave birth to a set of identical twins!

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5. Some identical multiples are very different…

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6. …while others are very similar.

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7. Not all identical triplets look like this:

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8. …or sadly this:

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9. The whole “evil twin” conspiracy is a myth.

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10. And there is no real evidence for ESP among multiples.

Although these twins on Tyra claim to be psychic.

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11. Everyone agrees it’s fun to see multiples dressed in matching outfits!

Thomas Peter / Reuters
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12. Some twins never stop.

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13. Multiples are no picnic for parents.

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14. But they seem to enjoy the challenge.

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15. And always come up with creative solutions.

This mother in China shaved numbers into her children’s hair to make it easier on school teachers.

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16. Multiples lead to double the fun…

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17. …or four times the laughter.

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18. Just think of all the gag t-shirt possibilities…

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19. …and the staged photos to be taken.

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20. Twins even launched the term “twinning” which has stemmed multiple meanings:

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And of course the Jersey Shore standard definition:

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23. Like most siblings, multiples don’t always get along

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24. And sharing a birthday can be a drag.

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25. Unless you get double the cake.

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26. Multiples never worry about facing things alone.

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27. They always have a partner in crime.

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28. For better or for worse…

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29. …some things never change.

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30. They have a built-in crew…

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31. …who will always have their back.

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