The New York LGBT Tourism Website Is A Bit Much

Where is that music coming from? Why are rainbows attacking the page?

1. New York State has launched a brand new tourism site for the LGBT community:

2. Naturally, we had to check it out right away:

3. The website is so overwhelming, it’s hard to know where to start.

4. The home page greets you with crazy stock images galore:

5. WHAT is this guy so jazzed about?

Tourism? New York State? Who knows!?

6. And then, this crazy loud video auto-plays as soon as you open the page:

7. Here, have a taste for yourself:

8. What is that song? It sounds like we should be all boarding the Love Boat:

9. The site covers all the different aspects of tourism, using the most awkward stock images available:

11. To say they took the rainbow theme and ran with it would be an understatement:

12. No seriously, they crammed a rainbow in there at every opportunity:

13. Even the side-bar menu couldn’t escape the glory that is the rainbow:

14. And yet, even after the overwhelming assault on your senses… you are left with a strange urge to go visit New York.

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