Tegan And Sara’s Hairstyle Evolution

This duo’s hair changes so often, if you blink you might miss something. Only their perfect bone structure could make a mullet look so good.

1. From the very beginning these two weren’t afraid to play around with styles.

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2. The ’90s were an interesting but adorable time.

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3. But the year 2000 called for an edgier look.

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4. Even when they rocked identical guitars, hair style could be used to set them apart.

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5. Sara wanted to see if blondes had more fun.

Thankfully it didn’t last long.

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6. Frosted tips anyone?

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7. Some highlights were experimented with in 2001.

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8. Moving forward with harsh asymmetrical styles in 2004, the pair was back to brunette.

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9. In 2007 they introduced the mullet that would change everything.

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10. Note the subtle differences in side burn style. Touché ladies.

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11. Everyone wanted to impersonate the look.

Amy Poehler and Casey Wilson as Tegan and Sara

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12. In 2008 the duo tackled ponytails…

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
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13. …and battled against bangs.

Jeff Gentner / Getty Images
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14. Which led to the perfection of the hair swoosh technique you see today.

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15. Who knew there were so many variations on the mullet style?

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16. Like the subtle wispy mullet:

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17. Or the shaggy Joan Jett mullet:

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18. As they say…

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19. They proved to the world that mullets could be absolutely adorable.

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20. The twins tried out close-cut bobs for their album “Sainthood” in 2009.

While also successfully pulling off matching stripes.

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21. Pompadours also made a temporary appearance.

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22. They rocked the Justin Bieber look before he was even on the scene.

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23. Tegan’s hair moved in the curly and textured direction in 2010.

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24. While Sara got some inspiration for a new style watching Demi Moore in “Ghost”.

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25. Tegan can only part her hair in one direction, but Sara often changes it up.

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26. Tegan experimented with long hair in 2011, while Sara kept it short.

Angela Weiss / Getty Images

And apparently forgot how to smile.

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27. Which brings us to their current hair perfection.

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28. They certainly aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

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29. Sometimes they have the same haircut…

ID: 835573

30. …sometimes they switch it up.

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31. But they are ALWAYS perfect.

Perfect twins make a perfect rainbow.

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