Sorry, World: Zachary Quinto Is Officially Off The Market

This is a sad day for everyone except model Miles McMillan. Lucky guy.

1. My sincere condolences everyone, Zachary Quinto is officially off the market.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters
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2. Off the market, and into the arms of model Miles McMillan.

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3. The couple has been rumored to be dating for a year now, but they made it public on Instagram over the weekend:

This photo caption from Miles? “My baby with baby!”

ID: 3690169

4. Last weekend, Quinto captioned this photo: “All this pretend is making me miss my real life baby. can’t wait to see you soon.”

ID: 3690198

5. It’s all so beautiful.

ID: 3690640

6. In case you aren’t familiar, Miles McMillan is a 24-year-old model who can melt your soul with one lingering glance.

ID: 3690229

7. Just, FYI.

ID: 3690171

8. Scroll down for a quick education.

ID: 3690211

9. *soul melts*

ID: 3690194

10. #tbt to that time I melted your soul.

ID: 3690226

11. Eating a sammie, meltin’ your soul.

ID: 3690842

12. You get the point.

ID: 3690734

13. Ahem, anyway. It’s obvious these two are meant to be.

ID: 3690740

14. They share a deep love for pup snuggles:

ID: 3690317

15. They both excel in the art of the post-gym selfie:

ID: 3690262

16. Miles loves to take selfies:

ID: 3690442

17. And hey, so does Quinto:

ID: 3690522

18. Congrats you two. And to the rest of us? Be strong.

ID: 3690815

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