Shout It From The Rooftops, Robbie Rogers Is Single

In a recent interview, Rogers admitted he wasn’t dating anyone. We expect him to begin taking applications for the position as soon as possible.

1. Remember when Robbie Rogers made history as the first ever openly gay major league soccer player?

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2. Or, were you so distracted by his good looks and charm that the only thought running through your head was…

Danny Moloshok / Reuters
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4. Thankfully, in an interview MTV Act asked the question for us all:

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6. *world holds breath*

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8. Don’t everyone jump at once.

Alex Gallardo / Reuters
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9. We imagine Robbie has a few qualifications for his future beau:

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10. Must help him with his ice bath routine:

ID: 1293146

11. Must enjoy traveling to new places:

ID: 1293323

12. Must like to party:

ID: 1293148

13. You must be able to resist this pouty face:

ID: 1293154

14. Must love coffee dates:

ID: 1293310

15. Must be adorable with children:

ID: 1293160

16. And, most importantly, must accept that Robbie will always love his dog more than you.

ID: 1293243

17. Seriously.

ID: 1293244

18. Don’t even try.

ID: 1293245

19. His heart is actually already taken:

ID: 1293256

In the interview Rogers also discussed his journey as an openly gay athlete, a new campaign he’s working on about homophobia, and other important things so WATCH IT.

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