Russian Pop Duo T.a.T.u Performed During The Pre-Show To The Olympic Opening Ceremonies

The group that made a name for itself by posing as a lesbian couple performed in Sochi, despite Russia’s “gay propaganda” law.

1. Rumors that Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. would be performing at the Sochi opening ceremonies were finally confirmed as the women took the stage in Fisht Stadium today.

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2. Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova performed during the pre-show, which was not broadcast internationally.

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4. Some footage of their performance:

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7. The group sang their biggest international hit, “Not Gonna Get Us.”

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8. Given Russia’s current anti-LGBT laws, rumors of their performance caused quite a bit of confusion.

Amongst all the anti-gay stuff...TATU is performing at the Opening Ceremonies....Interesting. #allthethingsshesaidrunningthroughmyhead

— Kris Abbott (@krisabbott)
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The #Sochi live site crowd seemed to like Tatu, but it's kind of a 7th grade party here: everyone's afraid to dance.

— Joshua Robinson (@JoshRobinson23)
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OMG, Tatu is performing in the Sochi opening ceremony? That's it. Irony is dead.

— Cure Space Marine (@NetbrianT)
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The two girls of Tatu come out holding hands. Nobody appears to have arrested them, even though there are minors in the stadium.

— Shaun Walker (@shaunwalker7)
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12. The Russian duo spent most of their musical career insistently portraying a lesbian couple.

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13. Kissing during performances and interviews became their signature move.

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14. In March 2011, the duo officially announced their separation and embarked on solo careers – reuniting periodically for concerts.

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15. Later on, as the Russian Olympic team entered Fisht Stadium, the duo’s famous song was played again.

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Is it me or are Russia entering to a remix involving tatu?! The famous Russian 'lesbian' pop act?! #Sochi2014

— Rachael Jackson (@Rach_Jackson)
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Oh the irony of the Russian team "Coming Out" to Tatu #BBCSochi #WinterOlympics

— Mr Mystery (@LondonMysteries)
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suprised they used a song by tATu for the opening ceremony???

— dudebro (@pornithologist)
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19. The ceremony’s director, Konstantin Ernst, said Tatu’s “Not Gonna Get Us” was chosen because it’s one of the only Russian pop songs “that international viewers might recognize.”

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20. Unlike previous performances, the ladies did not share a kiss this time around.

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