Professional Ballet Dancer Kicked Out Of School For Appearing In Gay Porn

“Should I be dancing ballet if the ballet community cannot accept who I am as a person and what I would like to aspire to in my life?”

2. He has the face of an angel.

3. Oh, and he can dance circles around you.

4. He started dancing ballet in Denmark at the age of two.

Since then he has danced in the Royal Danish Opera and The Ballet in Tivoli Gardens.

5. This one time, he even performed in front of the Queen of Denmark:

Danny Martindale / Getty Images

6. The 22-year-old dancer accepted a scholarship to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School in September of 2012.

7. But, ballet isn’t always the greatest creative outlet.

8. So… he decided to start appearing in gay porn.

9. He chose the stage name “Jett Black.”

10. He started appearing in videos for the website CockyBoys in February:

11. His profile on the site reads:

Jett Black has been an artist his entire life. He loves to move his body and perform in front of other people, so you can see why making porn is no different to him. In fact, being naked on screen adds another layer of depth when he’s expressing himself, a certain ‘raw passion’ he says, that he’s proud to share with the world.

12. Hansen was performing successfully on stage and on screen.

13. That is, until the RWB found out and he was kicked out of school.

14. Reportedly, some classmates saw photos of his work on Tumblr and alerted their artistic director.

15. Hansen claims that school administrators asked him to sign a letter stating that he withdrew from the program voluntarily.

16. He explained his decision to pursue a career in porn to the National Post:

Then, during my stay at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, I decided I would like to gain more experience, both with my sexuality, with myself in a safe way where I could control it, but also experience other sides of me artistically […] In ballet, we deal with a lot of man-woman sex-love relationships [on stage], but we rarely actually deal with it on an emotional basis, so it can be difficult to understand [gay relationships].

17. Of course, Hansen isn’t the first to be penalized for working in the porn industry.

18. After a school canceled his speaking appearance, having discovered his work in porn, Conner Habib wrote:

“The reason I was banned was because she’d changed her mind after discovering that I was not, as she’d thought, an educator who used to be in porn, but rather a university instructor before I started appearing in adult films[…] Porn, a form that has been with us for thousands of years and which deeply intertwines with all cultures, deserves deep and serious thinking, not off-the-cuff dismissal and a silencing of public discussion.”

19. Hansen doesn’t blame the school entirely:

20. After his story gained national attention, Black, eh Hansen, tweeted his thanks to all who are supporting him:

Thank you to everyone for your tremendous support today. You give me inspiration and pride to be the artist and the person I need to be.

— JttBlack (@Jett Black)

21. Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce even reached out with some potential ideas:

@JttBlack Why don't we do a porn ballet? You star, I'll direct. Possible title: The Nutcracker

— BruceLaBruce (@Bruce LaBruce)

@JttBlack Have U seen the porn classic Ballet Down the Highway directed by the great Jack Deveau? Let's do a remake!

— BruceLaBruce (@Bruce LaBruce)

@BruceLaBruce I have! It was a very controversial piece in the late 70's! Lets do it!

— JttBlack (@Jett Black)

24. He is now pursuing adult entertainment full time, but he hopes to return to dancing one day with a more understanding company.

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