Pro-Equality GOP Lawmaker Handles Booing Protesters With Class

Illinois Rep. Ron Sandack was met with a booing crowd as he announced his support for the marriage equality bill there. He teaches them a lesson in awesomeness.

1. Illinois Rep. Ron Sandack (R) addressed hundreds of same-sex marriage protesters who gathered outside his Downers Grove office:

“With all due and humble respect, I truly appreciate you coming out and exercising your constitutional right to petition your government and make your voice known. Truly have my respect.”

2. He is one of two GOP Illinois Representatives who have thus far publicly committed to supporting the marriage equality bill pending there.

3. The crowd wasn’t so pleased:

4. He tried to be reasonable…

5. They didn’t want to hear it.

6. That is how it’s done.


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Sarah Karlan is the Deputy LGBT Editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.
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