First Openly Out Polish Lawmaker Attacked After Pride Parade

“When he recognized me he spat in my face, raised his fists and and kicked me in the stomach.”

1. Poland’s first openly gay lawmaker, MP Robert Biedron, was attacked on Saturday afternoon in Warsaw following the annual Gay Pride parade.

2. According to Polskie Radio, Biedron said that the attack took place in a cafe where he was relaxing with a group of friends:

An aggressive man insulted us, using homophobic statements. He began to choke one of my friends and punched him in the face. When he recognized me he spat in my face, raised his fists and and kicked me in the stomach.

3. Reportedly, the suspect ran away but was arrested shortly afterwards. Following the incident Biedron tweeted:

4. The demonstration brought thousands marching through the streets of the capital in central Warsaw:

Their main goal was to demand parliament begins work on passing legislation for civil partnerships.

5. Biedron did note, however, that the march itself had been much less problematic than previous years.

In the past bottles, or even stones, had been thrown at parade participants.

Well done Warsaw! The most well supported pride I have been to with just a few morons. #warsawpride

— DanielMRussell (@Daniel Russell)

During Warsaw Pride last saturday, the right wing morons decided to make a giant sign saying ȁcWe want men not pansies.ȁd They misspelled it

— AdamKoscielak (@Adam Koscielak)

8. Several other politicians took part in the demonstration, including Janusz Palikot, leader of the liberal Palikot Movement, and left wing MP Ryszard Kalisz.

See more pictures from the march here.


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