Fans Had A Complete Meltdown Over The Brittany And Santana Moments On "Glee"

On last night’s 100th episode, everything was Brittana and nothing hurt. Spoilers ahead, people.

1. On Glee’s 100th episode, “Brittana” fans held their breath as Brittany and Santana were finally reunited.

2. And as if the two of them being in the same room wasn’t enough, suddenly there was a perfectly choreographed reprise of “Valerie”.


4. But nobody could have been mentally or physically prepared to witness…


6. The internet, naturally, lost it completely.


11. Tumblr nearly crumbled into oblivion.


12. To sum it up nicely:

14. The feels were so momentous, you could glimpse into the future.


15. Phone backgrounds were immediately updated to honor this historic moment in time.

16. The feelings just would. NOT. STOP.


17. Massive cases of déjà vu spread over the nation.


21. The shock/awe/joy was also tinged with a lot of painful feelings.

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