Definitive Proof That Summer Is Curly Hair’s Worst Enemy

Summer must be stopped.

1. Forget all the lies mainstream media has been feeding you: Summertime and curly hair are mortal enemies.

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2. In the winter, life with curly hair is good because you know exactly what to expect.

Forecast? Cold with zero humidity – pretty much always.

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3. In the summer? Your life becomes a never-ending gauntlet of survival.

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4. You tell people you’re wearing your hair natural this summer – taking a break from the flat iron and mixing it up.

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5. Sure, as if you have a choice. Summer owns you now.

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6. Summer says: Take any amount of product you use daily and double it – no triple it – and see even worse results.

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7. Summer says: Try wearing your hair down in 90 degree weather and SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Curly hair on a humid day

— Sarah (@its_sarahdavis)
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8. When you’re meticulously preparing your locks in the morning, remember that summer loves to take all your hard work…

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9. … and instantly destroy it.

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10. Getting caught in a lovely summer shower? Not so lovely for you.


Can I use this bag as an umbrella? Can I use your magazine? Can I use my shirt? Can I just LIVE for a minute?

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11. But please, remember that summer is a time for travel and be thankful that travel size conditioners allow you to bring so much – HAHA just kidding, you’re screwed!

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12. And if summer is the mortal enemy of curly hair, the beach is its most deadly weapon.

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13. Your friends are all excited to get those “beach waves” – HA. HA. What does that even mean?

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14. Nope. Nah. I see right through you, beach.

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15. “Just come in the water,” your friends said. “It will be fun,” they said.

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17. Do they all think this is a game!?

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18. Only you fully understand the consequences that come with getting your hair wet.

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19. And if you do brave the water, you’re left with a sopping mop that weighs approximately 5 tons and at one time resembled hair.

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20. Three months of this is enough to drive anyone crazy.

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21. But everyone with curly hair knows that there are also summer days where you win.

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22. And when curls defeat summer?

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23. You look good. Oh yes, you look so good.

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