A Definitive Ranking Of The Gayness Of Pasta

If you think about it, pasta is pretty gay. Barilla, take note.

11. This pasta is straight, anyone can see that.

10. This pasta is pretty straight, but it messed around a few times in college.

9. This pasta is super dapper, but maybe it’s just one of those metrosexual pastas.

8. This pasta has DEFINITELY thought about experimenting.

7. For the most part this pasta walks a straight edge, but between you and me… it bends every once in a while.

6. This pasta goes both ways.

5. Look, this pasta is clearly hanging out with some meat. Just saying.


Rustic Beef Stroganoff and Pasta

4. This doily pasta is too damn beautiful to stick to just one gender, come on.

3. Fagottini? Really?

2. This pasta probably models for Martha Stewart Living.

1. Hello fabulous, we’re done here.

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