5 Things You Can Do With Endangered Twinkies

Hostess Brand going out of business? Sweet honey buns, say it isn’t so! What can you do with your now endangered Twinkies?

1. Twinkie Pets

Can’t have a dog? Why not make a Twinkie Pet to cry with over the loss of Yodels and honey buns.

2. Twinkie-Henge

With your last remaining Twinkies reconstruct some famous scenes for your friends and family. An honorable way to show your love for this creme-filled brick.

3. Twinkie Wedding

Psh if you love twinkies so much why not just marry them? Or celebrate your love for another through your love of twinkies. Twinkie wedding cake!

4. Microwave it!

Sometimes we destroy what we love most….and sometimes it’s fun to watch. 45 seconds should prove entertainment enough, though your microwave may be ruined. It’s for science!!

5. As a last resort…. eat them.

If they are going, we might as well help the process along. Stuff your face and enjoy that creamy goodness everyone!

And of course, a moment of silence for our fallen brethren. Hostess you will always be in our hearts, and in our arteries.

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