40 Things Only EMS Workers Will Understand

About to eat, sleep, or have a life? Tones drop.

1. When you’re off duty but hear a noise that sounds just like your call tones.

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2. When you get scheduled with your best buddy.

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3. Entertaining yourself while on standby.

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4. When the tones drop, but no dispatch follows.

And for a moment, the world stands still.

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5. Trying to find a pen on scene:

Didn’t you place at least five in your pocket this morning?

ID: 3043806

6. Finding scissors, gloves, and vital pads everywhere.

ID: 3059082

7. The day they stopped carrying your favorite brand of gloves.

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8. Watching actors portray CPR on television.

ID: 3043736

9. Nothing can gross you out anymore.

ID: 3043800

10. Feeling like a slightly sadistic human being because of that.

ID: 3043740

11. Oh, about to get off duty?

ID: 3043803

12. What you wish you could say to bystanders on scene:

ID: 3055418

13. Unleashing your creative side to keep yourself entertained.

ID: 3043811

14. Catching someone with great veins when you’re off duty:

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15. That feeling when you get through a shift without getting any bodily fluids on your uniform!

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16. Fear of the open mic.

I am terrified that one day me and my partner will have an accidental open mic. There is no subject off limits on our rig. #EMSproblems

— 911 Redhead (@911_redhead)
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17. When you’re in the shower and the tones drop.

ID: 3043720

18. How it feels the first time you back in the ambulance perfectly.

ID: 3055265

What it probably looked like:

ID: 3055309

19. Feeling your bedside manner go downhill as the shift goes on.

ID: 3059897

20. Walking on scene and recognizing a frequent flier.

ID: 3043737

21. When you’re nearing the end of your shift and…

ID: 3043722

22. When the newbie on the crew says he or she, “Can’t wait to see some action!”

ID: 3055198

23. The stretcher brake becoming your worst enemy.

ID: 3043746

24. Tones dropping during the day:

ID: 3056583

25. Tones dropping at 4 a.m.:

ID: 3056601

26. Getting creative with mnemonic devices.

ID: 3043815

27. Responding lights and sirens.

ID: 3056395

28. Walking on scene and wondering how you’re going to get the patient out of the room, let alone into the ambulance.

ID: 3059913

29. Having a steady flow of caffeine in your system at all times.

ID: 3043767

30. Getting back to the station after several calls in a row.

ID: 3059043

31. When you have an immobile patient on the 14th floor of a building – with no elevator.

ID: 3043898

32. Just about to take your boots off? Oh, OK:

ID: 3043763

33. *SHHHHhawefaiwjeaCRseaakka*

ID: 3043797

34. When your patient tells the nurse a completely different personal history from what they told you on scene:

ID: 3043893

35. When people ask if you get holidays off:

What are holidays?

ID: 3043951

36. When the nurse asks why you didn’t get three complete sets of vitals.

ID: 3056669

37. Trying to get a history from a patient that doesn’t speak the same language as you.

ID: 3059960

38. Slow days.

ID: 3059143

39. When someone on the crew mentions what a slow day it has been.

ID: 3055892

40. What you think you look like during a call and what you actually look like.

ID: 3060083

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