23 Ways To Respond To The Question: "Are You Gay?"

“I woke up like thisssss.”

1. “Only on days that end in -Y”

2. “Don’t worry, either way you aren’t my type.”

3. “Why do you ask?”

4. Avoid giving a straight answer…


6. No one can resist a little play on words.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters / Via haveagaydayorg.tumblr.com

9. Quickly flash your shirt.


10. Leave the situation quickly, smoothly…

11. … and in style.

12. Change the subject…

13. … or turn the conversation around.

14. Be a little mysterious.


15. When in doubt: Rhyme.



16. Just lay it all out there and be honest.

22. Just say whatever feels right.

23. And if you’re not gay, keep it classy.

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