20 Wonderfully Bizarre Guests From The "Jerry Springer Show"

Jerry Springer turns 69 today (insert rude joke here). After twenty years of hosting his own show, he has truly seen it all.

1. This guy lived in a box.

2. This man loved his horse.

“I married a horse.”

3. Los had a weakness for salty foods.

4. Then there was that adult baby.

5. The trombone enthusiast.

6. Mr. Kung Fu Hillbilly.

7. And the return of Kung Fu Hillbilly

8. The guest with no regrets.

9. Earl didn’t have any regrets either.

10. The true mama’s boy.

12. Dave had girlfriend drama.

14. The animal collector.

15. This guy with strong feelings about his name.

“Co-workers won’t stop calling me Lillian.”

16. The man who lost his undergarments.

17. The family woman.

“Married to your dad, but want you back.”

18. The man and his best friend.

19. Michael ate some worms.

20. And this pimp thought he was the pope.

Thank you Jerry, for all the memories.

And strange subtitles.

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