21 Reasons You Wanna Know The “Workaholics” Guys

Missing the guys already? Well take comfort in the fact that a fourth and fifth season of the show has been ordered, but for now we’ll let these reminders of why the guys are the best tide us over.

1. 1. Because they understand the youth culture of today

ID: 1173241

3. 2. Including the importance of ‘The Selfie’

ID: 1173244

4. 3. Because they coin new phrases that you live by

ID: 1173254

6. 4. Because they are deep and philosophical

ID: 1173276

8. 5. And they know how to express their feelings like real men

ID: 1173280

9. 6. ‘Cos they know just what women want and a’int afraid to give it

ID: 1173287

10. 7. Because they, like totally, don’t need to flex…

ID: 1173295

11. 8. Because, when it comes to fashion, they know their limitations

ID: 1173300

12. 9. They appreciate the classics

ID: 1173307

13. 10. Because they have the same mentors as you

ID: 1173328

14. 11. Because they feel your pain, office workers of the world.

ID: 1173341

15. 12. Because they know it’s only good manners to ask

ID: 1173351

16. 13. Because they too sip on the hatorade from time to time

ID: 1173354

18. 14. Because they can bust a move

ID: 1173373

21. 15. Because they too get overly intense about chocolate

ID: 1173393

22. 16. Because it’s normal to spend a weeks’ wages on this

ID: 1173408

23. 17. Because they loved Nickelodeon’s CatDog that much too

ID: 1173418

24. 18. They aren’t afraid to try new things

ID: 1173430

25. 19. Because we all feel like this sometimes

ID: 1173435

26. 20. Because they write their own (ridiculously catchy) songs about Catherine Zeta-Jones

ID: 1173469

27. 21. Just ‘cos.

ID: 1173459

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