14 Cards Against Humanity Players Who Win At Life

It’s like Apples to Apples for jerks.

1. This person, who is obviously a Tom Hiddleston fan.

ID: 3565485

2. This “forever alone” player.

ID: 3565494

3. This Star Wars fan.

ID: 3565511

4. This student.

ID: 3565513

5. This person who is obviously a hopeless romantic.

ID: 3565534

6. This other student.

ID: 3565538

7. This person who knows the value of saving 10%.

ID: 3565543

8. This Potterhead.

ID: 3565546

9. This person who takes things pretty literally.

ID: 3565548

11. This player who is too honest for their own good.

ID: 3565572

12. This historian.

ID: 3565577

13. This player who doesn’t appreciate how flawless Nicolas Cage is.

ID: 3565581

14. And finally, this player who knows what’s up.

ID: 3565589

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