19 Pictures That Will Make You Fall In Love With Sydney

Belgian photographer falls for Aussie girl. Makes Sydney look beautiful.

This is Belgian photographer Matthew Vandeputte.

Matthew Vandeputte / Via Facebook: TjoezTheMoviemaker

Taking a selfie with a twist.

1. He likes to push the envelope.

Matthew Vandeputte / Via

2. And create seriously powerful images.

Matthew Vandeputte / Via

3. Like this atmospheric storm over Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

Matthew Vandeputte / Via

4. This shot of a cruise ship in Sydney Harbour.

Matthew Vandeputte / Via

5. This spookily beautiful image of the pre-dawn city.

Matthew Vandeputte / Via

6. And these stunning Milky Way star trails.

7. Employing hyperlapse and timelapse techniques, Matthew is pushing the boundaries of his craft.

8. Which requires A LOT of kit.

9. And a lot of careful planning.

10. Matthew graduated from the RITS School of Arts in Brussels, Belgium in 2012.

11. Last year, he moved to Sydney after falling in love with an Aussie girl called Amelia.

12. Thank you Amelia.

13. With his cameras trained on Sydney, he has been creating Instagram mini-masterpieces.

14. Most powerfully as short hyperlapses.

15. Capturing the passage of day to night.

16. From multiple angles.

17. There’s a wee bit of editing involved.

18. What’s moving? The moon? Or the Harbour Bridge?

19. Mesmerising.

Also, he shot this MUST WATCH video of a pug puppy trying to eat his camera.

Matthew Vandeputte, timelapse/hyperlapse photographer, WE SALUTE YOU.

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