29 Signs You’ll Only See In The Outback

Crazy distances, crazy signs. Crazy Oz!

1. Watch out for unicorns.

2. Watch out for Godzilla.

3. Watch out for skiers.

Uros Ravbar / Thinkstock

4. Watch out for flies.

5. Watch out for sharks.

6. Watch out for road trains at the top of crests.

7. Watch out for road trains generally, they’re massive.

8. 177ft long! That’s a whole lot of road.

9. Watch out for cows.



11. Watch out for creepers.

12. Watch out for falling kangaroos.

Flickr: aus_pics / Creative Commons

13. Watch out for GIANT ROCKS!!!

15. Watch out for pedestrians.

16. Watch out for angry farmers.

17. Watch out for roos, emus and camels.

18. Watch for straight roads.

19. Watch out for people shooting signs.

Wake In Fright / United Artists

21. Watch out for thick rough.

22. Watch out for asbestos.


23. Watch out for deep water.

24. Watch out for crazy weather.

25. Watch out for wildlife crossing.


26. Watch out for dangerous drivers.

28. Always make sure you’ve got water.

29. And at all times follow this advice.

Flickr: neilspicys / Creative Commons

Because the outback should always be respected.

Flickr: 30890318@N06 / Creative Commons

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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