Real-Life Jurassic Park Opens On Australia’s Sunshine Coast

Billionaire opens Palmersaurus theme park. Animatronic dinosaurs spark giggles. posted on

1. “The World’s Biggest Dinosaur Park” has opened in Queensland, Australia.

2. The park logo is clearly inspired by Jurassic Park.

4. The dinosaurs range from 2.5 to 22 metres in length and up to 10m tall.

5. Palmersaurus features 160 life-size animatronic dinos.

6. Small children may find them scary.

7. Close your eyes and you could be in Jurassic Park!

8. Close them REALLY tight.

Heath Hewitt / Via

9. Suspend disbelief and you can believe anything.

Heath Hewitt / Via

10. (Dinos were flirtatious? Who knew?)

Heath Hewitt / Via

11. The park is the brainchild of billionaire mining tycoon Clive Palmer, recently elected to parliament as an MP.

12. He’s the man building an exact replica of The Titanic, aimed at Chinese tourists.

13. Palmersaurus is basically his Christmas gift to the people of Australia.

14. Palmersaurus features velociraptors, tyrannosaurus and 160 other dino species.

15. Just like Jurassic Park.

16. The dinosaurs are rather obviously fake.

17. Just like Jurassic Park.

18. Clive’s mates The Irwins helped open the park.

19. Big crowds joined them.

20. Palmersauras features Triceratops, a large herbivore that patrolled North America 65 million years ago.

21. Visitors were blown away by the realism.

22. Though not always convinced by the sound effects.

23. Some journalists found the concept laughable.

24. But others really warmed to the idea.

I know it's wrong on so many levels, but the little kid in me really wants to check out Clive Palmer's Jurassic Park

27. It’s not quite the movie, but points for effort Clive!

28. One day it really will happen. Keep dreaming y’all.

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