Definitive Proof That Queensland Is The Real Sunshine State

Sorry Florida. Pictures via Tourism Queensland’s Instagram.

1. Queensland is Australia’s Sunshine State, with 263 sunny days a year on average.

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2. Every morning, thousands of Queenslanders hit the beach for the greatest show on Earth.

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4. Queensland has 6,973 km of coastline (4,333 miles) = spectacular sunrises aplenty.

Mostly you can have the sunrise to yourself. Covering 1.8m sq km, Queensland is more than seven times the size of the United Kingdom, with a population of just under four million, mostly living in the south-east corner.

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5. In Queensland the early bird gets the worm.

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6. Over Brisbane.

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7. The Sunshine Coast. (See what they did there?)

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8. Burleigh Heads.

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9. Fraser Island.

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10. Mission Beach, Far North Queensland.

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11. Port Douglas, FNQ.

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12. And the Gold Coast.

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13. A new day dawns, and all is right with the world.

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14. Eventually the sun is up, and Queensland basks in 13.5 hours of solar bliss*.

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15. All too soon, the sun begins to sink towards the horizon.

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16. Another beautifully perfect Queensland day comes to a close.

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17. That great big ball of fire falls away.

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18. And the sky glows again.

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21. Home to the greatest sunrises and sunsets on Earth.

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22. See?

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23. SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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